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Having trouble setting up new Webmail account for domain

I have 2 domain names with GoDaddy and I have them pointed to a hosting account on Digital Ocean.  I don't want to setup an email server on DO so I remembered that I should have the ability to setup Webmail on GoDaddy.  I logged into my Workspace Control Center and saw that I still had an email account ( set up for the domain I wanted, but it looked like mail was not being received.  I tried to setup a new account for but it only gave me the option to associate it with my other domain ( with the "free email with domain" plan and wouldn't let me associate it with linseed.  How can I set up a new account for


Thanks for any help.



Helper IV

Did you switch your DNS servers to point to the Digital Ocean servers? If so you need to manage the MX records on the settings at Digital Ocean. This is a somewhat complex set of settings -- maybe a good time to read up on DNS

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