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How to access automatic email?



I am new to GoDaddy, and when I set up my deluxe hosting account and a new WordPress site it automatically entered a default secure admin address that ended in '', which I left as it seemed a better option than just using my usual work email address. However, the site I built is almost ready to go live and the admin email is still set to this address, yet I don't seem to have any access to it because under my hosting no email accounts show? I tried sending a test email but cannot see any notifications or anything anywhere, and I don't even know where to go to reset a password, etc. Thanks in advance for your help.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to access automatic email?

Hello @gild, that address is not an actual email address that you'd have access to.  That's the server name for GoDaddy mailservers.  I'd recommend reaching out to our live support teams so we can go over options with you for creating an email address associated with your domain name.  Thanks!  




Re: How to access automatic email?

Thanks @MPC, I will give them a call in the next couple of days

Email login not working...


I have multiple websites hosted by GoDaddy.  I have just set up a new website, and created a couple email accounts.  Unlike all other email accounts I have with GoDaddy, I can't log in to these new accounts the normal way.


If I try to log into the accounts using "", it tells me Authentication failed.  If I try to go to  "" or "" it can't get to a page.


I know the login is correct.  And if I use the link that comes up when I access the accounts through cPanel  --- --- I can log in without a problem.


Does anyone know why I can't use "" or one of the other two standard ones for these new accounts?  They work fine for all other older accounts.



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Re: Email login not working...

Hmm, just solving the SAME problem and not able to find a solution.


Did you solve it by any chance?



Re: Email login not working...Authentication failed

Secure Webmail sign in says my authentication failed. Go Daddy messaged me they would send a new password link to my gmail and to my xtra email. It never arrived after 10 attempts.... Has Anyone else been able to solve this kind of issue.

Re: Email login not working...

Re webmail access I  ended up going back to google search and found a link to go daddy customer service and I was able to talk to a human. One of the things  I Iearned was you can go to private window on your browser and I went to the one on chrome and that was helpful. It is accessed by clicking 3 dots at the top right corner of the browser and clicking the appropriate item on the menu.