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How to go back to POP3 from IMAP and prevent emails from being deleted from my computer?

How do I prevent GoDaddy from deleting my emails off of my computer? I used POP3 for email for years before I created an account with GoDaddy. When it was time to renew I chose another provider (back to POP3). But I've been forced to continue paying GoDaddy for over a year now because they delete every single email stored on my computer if I don't renew their service. Help Please!

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It's simple, go into your emails and save them all to either an external or computer hard drive. Then change your email client...............


Nobody forced you to chose an IMAP email client. I am sure there are real hostages in the world..................... IMAP 'hostages' don't count!!!

Thanks, I'll try that. Haha...the struggle is REAL!