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Is Auto Purge By Top Level Domain possible with Workspace Email?

Can we Auto Purge "By Domain" an entire top level domain such as *.stream ??


I thing everyone knows that all of these email from senders  *.stream emails we are all getting are totally spam are choking our inboxes and spam filters.  GoDaddy webmail,  please let us put a stop to the flood.



Community Manager

Hi @JohnReam. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


With our Workspace Email accounts, you would only be able to specify a domain if you include the secondary level (i.e. example.tld). There is no way to set a filter for an entire TLD though. Perhaps other have had a similar issue with .stream domains and can give you a suggestion how to move forward.


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Well it would be a good idea to allow TLD block.  .stream is simply a TDL used by email bulk spammers, no other purpose.   GoDaddy has a conflict of interest here since GD is pushing selling these TLDs.   If GD allowed blocks that might mean less sells of these TLDs.  Its a bad spot.   Legit email users lose, the bulk of your email customers lose.  We lose.   

I'll second this, PLEASE add this feature. Ditto junk like .top, etc. Would be a HUGE help. Thanks!


I couldn't agree more. It's ridiculous that top level domains can't be blocked. I get so many emails every day with a .BID extension, all of which are spam. I'm sick and tired of it. Allowing TLDs to be blocked MUST be introduced... and soon.

The massive amount of junk mail from TLD  .stream  sources continues to overwhelm  GoDaddy customer inboxes. 


Why does GoDaddy continue to deny it's email customers the ability to block flagerant bogus TLDs?  Technically this should be quite easy to implement.   Does GoDaddy have a conflict of interest with TDL .stream junk mail? 




Today, I tried adding several domains to the auto-purge list to eliminate spam emails coming into my Inbox. I've done this monthly for years. But today, I'm getting the message ' could not be added to your auto purge list'.


I can add individual email addresses to the auto-purge list, but I cannot add addresses by domain now.


Please advise. Thank you.

I get that too. I think they are limiting them to so many and then all the rest can arrive no problem. That's my opinion anyway.


I would also love to see this feature. The number of spams from .br, .ru, .br... etc. is getting out of control and in the last few months the spam filters on the webmail have not been catching as many of them as it used to.