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Getting Started

Microsoft 365 Migration

Hoping someone can please help.  I recently (2 days ago), moved my Microsoft 365 account from GoDaddy to Microsoft, (successfully).  The GoDaddy account was closed / deleted.  Before that time I did a backup of all my emails etc.. to a pst file.  When I load the pst file into Outlook to upload to Microsoft's server the only emails that I can see and access are emails in the In Box.  Originally there were several sub folders, etc...  All of these appear to be missing. 

  1. Did I incorrectly backup the information.
  2. Am I able to access everything from the GoDaddy server.
  3. If so, how.
  4. Is there another work around.

Thank you.


Getting Started

Yea you pretty much blew it.  All you had to do was login into Exchange and do a migration from the Godaddy Server to the Exchange server. Over in the Exchange Doc set they explain how to do it in detail.  Exchange does not recognize pst files (that is a LOCAL file).  But Since you let the Godaddy account go .. well there all gone..GD Might have a back up, but not sure.


Sorry  😞