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Need Multiple Email Aliases

I have just transferred 2 domains from Just-the-Name (which is closing down) and rely upon my email aliasing still working, as a number of my registrations with forums/online-shopping use them.

For instance, I have things like work@<domain> to forward to my work email, <wifename>@<domain> to go to my wife's account, etc.  At Just-the-Name, any <xyz>@<domain> that isn't (or rather "wasn't") explicitly set by me would automatically come to a default email address (e.g. if people misspelled "work@domain" as "wok@domain" the email would come to my personal email account).


Are the existing aliases transferred [from Just-the-Name], or do I have to set them all up again?  And, in fact, can I set them up at all?


This is a major issue for me if not, because as I say there are some organisations that only know me by my email alias(es).


Kind regards


Helper VI Helper VI
Helper VI

Re: Need Multiple Email Aliases

You should be able to do this through cPanel but you have to configure it manually.  

~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @