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Outgoing emails not received by recipients and getting no notification

I often send out emails that are not being received by the recipient and no notification is being received at either end, but this is intermittent. 


I've tried sending today sending to my personal email which has received email from my GoDaddy hosted email previously. I've now tried three times today and have not received any email nor a bounceback notification.


Is this a GoDaddy email hosting issue? It's completely frustrating as I have to follow-up with a text or call to ensure they have received. Should I look to other email hosting options as seem to be intermittent and not satisfactory..

How have others rectified?

Never had this issue previously with other providers.


Super User I



See you've not received a response...


Are you referring to free Workspace email?  I was having the same sort of sporadic problems a while back with Workspace and moved.


I used both Office 365 offered by GoDaddy (but is Microsoft) and which is free.   Both work without a hitch!  


HTH! 😉


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