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Sent items synch

Dear Friends,


I have set up my email on two mobiles(iphones) and my laptop (outlook 2016). When I send an email from any of the mobiles , it does not show in my outlook sent folder... how can I have all the sent emails in the sent folder in the outlook? Please help 🙂


Hi @Hassan.

Generally, each email application/device saves it's own sent items. This is possible to configure but it requires some custom settings on your phone and in Outlook. It will also require that you are using an IMAP with an Unlimited Workspace plan or an Office365 plan.

You will need to ensure that all the apps are using the same Sent Items folder. This is managed in the advanced settings for each email app.


On iPhone:

> Mail, Contacts, and Calenders

> Tap the email account

> Tap the email address again

> Tap Advanced

> Tap Sent Mailbox

> Choose the Sent Items folder under the "On the Server" section


For Outlook, Outlook 2016 should automatically detect the correct folder. If not try these steps: 
> Open Account Settings

> Double click the email account

> Click More Settings

> Click Sent Items

> Select the option for "Save sent items in the folder on the server" and choose Sent Items.


Hope this helps.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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I do not see a section for sent mailbox on settings for iphone.  My sent items are not showing up on my laptop. They are showing up on my iphone. I have office 365. I have also set up my company account in workspace in outlook.

I have the same problem. I am using an IMAP with an unlimited workspace plan, but there is no "sent mailbox" option in the email advanced settings on the iPhone.

Hi @Chip @Hassan @scotty_nobles 

Sounds like the sent items folder is not syncing correctly and might be disabled via your device. I found that if you uninstall the app and then install it again that should resync and enable the sent items folder. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Godaddy and Apple iphones not compatible per Apple store -- I have tried and tried to get my emails thru my godaddy account on my iphone.  According to Apple GoDaddy has an issue and according to GoDaddy, Apple has the issue.  I told the Apple and GoDaddy to work things out and not put me in the middle.  It has not happened.  Will need to find alternate host for my business email next year.

So frustrating