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Squarespace hosting with Workspace Email?

Hi all,

   I occasionally help out the business next to me with their IT stuff. I was in the process of helping them get their domain and email setup so they could have emails managed through cpanel.

   I went on vacation and when I got back someone else had popped in to give them advice and signed them up with squarespace for hosting, and their godaddy account is just linked to that.

  So now they are locked into a year with squarespace, and to get their emails it's going to be $5/month per user since squarespace only offers gmail.

    They don't need the web design that squarespace offers.

   Can I set them up with workspace email so they can have all their customemail1, customemail2,... and then when the squarespace agreement is up move their site to godaddy hosting at that time?



Hi @DJ_Sir_Tom

In order to use our cPanel email you have to host the domain name with us as well. So since the domain is currently hosted elsewhere, you might want to consider taking a look at our Office 365 plans. And then once the site is migrated to us, set up the cPanel email accounts. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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You should still be able to setup a cPanel hosting account add the domain and setup email. AS long as the Domain points to the squarespace IP  and the MX  record points back to Godaddy email server it should work. 

You can't get to cpanel there to setup the email since the site is hosted through squarespace, so we can't create emails via cpanel, so there is nothing to point the mx records to. It appears that the only way to do that is pay the extra for a workspace email or office 360 account.


 I'm trying to minimize the customer's losses. They are paying the $12 a month for hosting, now they have to pay an extra $5/per user to get gmail hosted email with their domain name. I think they should cut their losses and move the site to godaddy and get their emails with cpanel.

  The other way is to pay the $5 month per user for the time they have the squarespace contract and move everything at that time.

They are needing IMAP.

Sorry one last question and I'll go. Are the basic Office 365 plans IMAP?

I have finally gotten a chance to test out and you can setup cPanel for email even though the site is not hosted with cPanel.

I have my website hosted on a cloud server and just setup a cPanel account for

Both domains are registered with Godaddy using offsite DNS.

to setup the email I added to cPanel and then configured an email address for I then setup the mx record to point to and added the MX Record to my offsite DNS. then added an A record for and pointed it to my cPanel IP Address.  


This setup allows me to host my Domain somewhere else while using cPanel for email.