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Thunderbird setup - can't get it to work

I have a new laptop and am trying to set up my godaddy email on Tbird.  I think I've tried every combination of in and out ports that I can think of.  I keep getting message that Tbird failed to find the settings for my email account.


This problem is on 2 laptops I've tried to set Tbird up on.  So it's not laptop specific.  Very frustrating.


I also get the message that my UID or pwd is invalid.  The pwd is correct (I logged in on an incognito window - so it's correct).  Please help.  Very frustrating.


Tbird works - I've configured an AOL email on it and it's sending and receiving emails.  It's Tbird / godaddy specific...


I configured it and it worked well on a previous laptop that died.




I would carefully go through the AOL account and write down the mailserver, port and security settings and duplicate them exactly in T-bird.

One other thought, it seems to be complaining about the password. What is that dropdown that says Normal Password? Have you tried every possible choice?