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Verification of "From" address in webmail?

Is there any verification while adding an identity to send emails from? (If I add an identity for a domain I do not own, does it verify weather I can access that email address?)

If yes how does it verify this?


I found this documentation which does not state any verification:


I'm asking this, because one of our customers received fake/scam email which its "FROM" header points to a thirdparty domain (not on godaddy). The email's headers indicated that it was sent through GoDaddy's (using two different godaddy accounts)

So I want to be sure whether the scammer has some kind of access to the alleged thirdparty email account/domain, or did they faked the FROM header without any verification going on the GoDaddy's server.


My question is really simple. Anyone who has worked with Workspace Webmail, can answer this:


Can you following instructions here add a fake email address without any kind of verification? Can you send email using this fake address?


I'm really disappointed with GoDaddy's poor 24/7 always offline support, not responding through mail, nor responding in the community!!