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Workspace Webmail seems to have deleted some read emails from my inbox

I noticed that some read emails in my inbox have been deleted. I do not have auto-purge set up in that folder, as I have many read emails from nearly a year ago. It shows 2 emails from last month and 1 the month before. I have a lot of deleted emails in my trash folder, but these are spam related instead of work related.

What to do?

Former Employee

@ShiverArt There is a huge possibility that your using an email software/client like outlook or anything  and was sync to your workspace and never left a copy from the server itself.

Best move is to check from webmail itself :

Workspace Webmail :

If oyu can't see it still still. Contact Support for best efforts.


FYI, I do not use any other email program, other than logging on to webmail with my internet browser.

I will check with Support today.

Thank you for the reply.