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cPanel and Office 365 Split Domain

I have read, researched and tried several methods.  But none seem to work.    The articles I've been reading have the subject title CPanel and Office 365 split domain.   And that's ideally what I want to do.  But can't get it to work. 


Let's say I want to create a temporary email "" and not have it be on Office365, but the domain is associated with Office365.  I can't access Office365 without having the client give me access to his email account.


I have a client who is using Office 365.  The domain, email and webhost are all with GoDaddy.


He occasionally has temporary staff working for him that he wishes to have an email with his custom domain name.  But doesn't want to spend the monthly fee for Office365.   I've even tried the "masking" approach with Gmail, but that requires an email setup on the domain.  And I'm going in circles now where I have a headache. 


Any clues out there before I tell my client that it can't be done?  Which I really hate to do, but I'm just about there.

Helper V

What you are looking to do is possible but not easy to setup. 

First you will need to setup your own SMTP server and configure the temp email addresses the SMTP server will handle. 


you will then need to configure the SMTP server to forward any email it doesn't handle over to the Office 365 email server.  Then you will need to change the domains MX records to point to the SMTP server you setup.


I was unable to locate any options on cPanel to configure this. Looks like you will need to setup your own SMTP Server and enable transport table to forward emails to the office 365 server.

Here is a link that has information for setting up transport table for postfix to acheve what you want.

Proxy mail to different smtp server with Postfix

Thank you so much for the response!!!  I was dreading that it was not an easy solution. 


Thankfully, my client only has 1 temp staffer at the moment.  So, I'm going to suggest he pay the $5/monthly fee for the email.