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how to get rid of junk email

Recently our email box info@    got so many junk emails. I set up the spam, but no use. every day, it is  just getting more and more.   We use Godaddy for many years, this is first time we have a such unhappy issue, sincerely wish Community friends give me help., advise or suggestion. Thanks.    

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Re: how to get rid of junk email



Well, if anyone can solve the problem of getting rid of spam we would all be a lot happier, right? 😉


All we can do is to minimize spam and not do things to encourage spam.  The first thing to do is to retire info@.   That is an email address that spammers assume exists and that is why your spam is increasing.  That is also why most folks no longer (if they don't want lots of spam) use that email address from the start.


Also make sure you don't have that email address (or any other) clickable on your site.  That will only serve to get the address farmed by spam bots even further.


Then depending on what email platform you are on you can engage spam and junk filtering to help to minimize.   Retiring info@ and starting fresh with a new address that you have properly setup with your email service spam tools will go a long way to reducing your spam.


If all your contacts have info@ send out a notice letting them know of the new address.  Then keep all info@ on the server and check via webmail every so often for legit requests.  Let them know of the new address and delete the rest.  Eventually info@ will be pure spam and you can safely delete it entirely.


HTH! 😉

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