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mailer-daemon spam

For the past few days I've been getting dozens of mailer-daemon emails in my email. I don't send emails from this account, so there should be no emails bouncing. I changed my password but I'm still getting these. Any suggestions to make it stop?

Helper II

I'm sure someone with more knowledge will respond soon, however I (also with this problem) found this post somewhat insightful.

Getting Started

Joyce, several of us are having a similar problem in the last week or two. Are any of the bounce messages referencing in the mailer-daemon message, with IP address, by any chance?

Well since I added the SPF txt to the DNS the mailer-daemon's have diminished to 2 so far today. I will be adding the DKIM and DMAK later today.

The is the MTA that is bouncing most of these back. Several different sources from .cn, the IP addresses are quite a verity to pin it on only one.

I, at first, was going to block the country of China from the site, however, since this is a spoofing and not coming from us or the godaddy servers it would be a waste of time. I'm hoping that the SPF, DKIM and DMAK will end 99% of it and none would get out to any clients.

If you find the magic wand to this I'd be happy to hear.

Best of computing...

OK I ended up getting about 6 that day...

I have not received any since. It was about 5 days since I added the SPF to the DNS and still haven't added the DKIM or DMARK, since I read somewhere that GoDaddy doesn't really support it anymore anyway. Will have to see if my clients need it. I read somewhere that it takes about 4 or 5 days for the SPF to propagate through the servers. 

I too, received an email from GoDaddy yesterday afternoon to change my password. After it had already stopped. Today I figured OK, I'll do it. Even though in my case I doubt that that has anything to do with this spoofing issue. Nothing to win or lose by doing it, except that GoDaddy threatened to block the email address from sending or receiving.

Thanks GoDaddy. Not sure if you did anything, or you were just trying to aggravate me with more email.

I will update if anything else comes up.

Getting Started

Doug, thanks for the update. My problem ended abruptly on Monday, June 4, without any efforts on my part, after about 150 bounced messages in 10 days. Like you, I'd changed my password - twice - several days earlier, to no avail. As you said, it wasn't a hack, but a spoof. Am guessing GoDaddy made a change at a higher level affecting SMTP.


Thanks, GoDaddy!