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solving Cpanel Email, MX setting

I am sharing on this in case you have problem in creating cPanel email.

Condition: I use 2 godaddy accounts, in which I hosted the domain in Acc 1 and the hosting in Acc 2.

Situation: I want to create email account using cPanel email. 

after the help of call center I finally figure it out.


first you have to add MX record which will point to your mail 

MX    @ (Priority : 0)    TTL : 1 Hour

then add A record that will point to your hosting IP.

A      mail     IP address Acc 2(e.g TTl : 1 Hour


delete all unneccesary CNAME records that will point the mail to


Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.41.26.png

Advocate VII

Hi @djaka,


Thanks for this and good call!



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