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    Competitor SAB0TAGE? Site & social media accounts -- even through GodDaddy? HELP

    Since 1stDibs.com a $350+ million company - had to big venture capital fundings - they began a fight with my trademark...second dibs - more than two years now -- I lost ALL my email contacts through godaddy -- that was a while ago, went far up. Not retrievable.  As the sole administrator of my Facebook page -- I lost all ability to log in-- even my personal account - trust me i went as far as I could - provided everything they needed 20 times or more -- every time same result - all documented. Never could get an actual facebook person on the phone -- but did via email and chat -- but still - just gave the same auto responses -- even when i sent text on top of photo id.

    I had an issue with Paypal -- the business account-  i wanted to look back at a transaction --i couldn't find my shopping cart on the godaddy site -- that was yesterday.  today i went to look at my website which has been up for more that 7 years -- it is not there -- the domain is -- but when i click manage -- it ask me to CREATE a website.  whoa!!!!!  I'm about to get on the phone with them -- but i wanted to hear if anyone else had these issues -- Nobody can ever explain how anything happened - i think there is somebody inside being paid to do this -- or outside hackers -- I'm a tiny tiny company -- I don't want to lose my trademark -- funny coincidence also -- that 1st.Dibs.com huge international law firm asked for a 30 day extension -- it was during this period my website -- poof -- disappeared.


    I haven't been any of my followers for all most two years - but i have tried to maintain a social presence #SaveSecondDibs @1stDibs -- I know they have heard - bc it was referenced in some recent correspondence.  


    1. Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before?  

    2. Do you have any suggestion how to reach people when i don't have access to my people -- the facebook page is still up but hasn't been touched in a year . -- more than Second Dibs - we've lost thousands of followers -- what's left doesn't see anything i post -- even if i comment -- @seconddibs -- i lost my 10 year personal facebook account too. so only the few on my new one see anything.


    I really need help -- please . and thank you

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    Re: Competitor SAB0TAGE? Site & social media accounts -- even through GodDaddy? HELP



    Trademark issues are best handled by trademark attorneys.   No one here on this forum would be able to comment on your specific situation.  Hearsay or speculating as to what may be happening is not wise for anyone involved in your situation (or not). 


    I understand you are looking for help, but when it comes to trademark law and DMCA policies only attorneys versed in your specific situation can help.  A post of this nature would most likely not help you in your case with any of the parties involved either....


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