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    Helper II

    How do I create Facebook business page?

    I want to get more business through Facebook. How do I create a page?

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    Advocate IV
    Advocate IV

    Re: How do I create Facebook business page?

    Ah, it's really easy!


    And that's pretty much it. Creating it is the simple part.


    THEN...the question is what to do with it and how to use it to get people interested in your business. Which is really about three things in my opinion.


    1. CREATE CONTENT. Share interesting posts, with as many pictures and videos as you can create, that tell people about you, your products/services, and most important why you do what you do. People want to connect with YOU and the story behind your business. Try to post once a day, or at least a few times a week.
    2. RESPOND AND REACH OUT. When people post comments on your Page, answer them quickly. Answer every single one, even if it's just to say "That's great!" or "Thanks." Use the "Use Facebook As My Page" feature to go onto other Facebook pages (not competitors, but related businesses, business owners you know, local businesses in your area, magazines or news outlets) and leave comments there. You're trying to make friends and build your network.
    3. SPEND MONEY ON FACEBOOK ADS. Yep, you have to. Facebook's algorithm decides what it thinks people want to see, and comments from business pages get shown less often than comments from individuals. You have to use Facebook ads to get around that. Spend some money to get more "likes" on your page, making sure you are using the targeting options to reach people who match your customer profile. How you use Facebook ads depends a lot on what kind of business you have. Facebook has a ton of helpful information (of course - they WANT you to be successful with Facebook ads so you'll keep spending money on them).

    Hope that helps! 


    Erika Kerekes, Founder & Condiment QueenNot Ketchup Gourmet Grilling Sauces

    Re: How do I create Facebook business page?

    Thanks, I really needed this info.

    Re: How do I create Facebook business page?

    How do I find if I am the administratior of my facebook page?

    Re: How do I create Facebook business page?


    Re: How do I create Facebook business page?