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    Named as Co-Defendant with GoDaddy in Lawsuit

    Hi All,

    My company, Hudacko Enterprises L.L.C., has been named as a co-defendant along with GoDaddy and Wild West Domains in a lawsuit for copyright and patent infringement by TUMI Inc (owned by Samsonite Luggage) in Indiana.

    Hudacko Enterprises is located in New Jersey and does not "actively" market in Indiana. Has anyone else been named in a similar lawsuit?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Named as Co-Defendant with GoDaddy in Lawsuit

    Greetings @HudackoEnt  ,


    While copyright and patent law may be of general interest, the majority of Community Members are not attorneys, so any feedback should be offered (and taken) with great caution. I'm sure your counsel of choice can research similar cases and offer the best course of action.


    However, one specific thing I can offer may be useful, please do make full use of the "Legal" section on the bottom of our homepage.

    I hope that helps,

    Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Re: Named as Co-Defendant with GoDaddy in Lawsuit

    Hi T3-D,


    The point of my post was that I am being sued for using my Wild West/GoDaddy Reseller Account due to GoDaddy NOT filtering out infringing Domain Names from the Domain Name search/registration facilities provided in the Reseller Storefront.


    I am also interested in whether or not any other Resellers are in this situation, as I cannot for the life of figure out why TUMI/Samsonite have targeted me along with GoDaddy and WildWest.


    I am NOT looking for legal advice, rather I was interested in potentially finding other Resellers in that same situation as my company.



    Tom H

    Re: Named as Co-Defendant with GoDaddy in Lawsuit

    I bought my domains from godaddy eight years ago and they were never converted into a retail store but instead were parked with godaddy. When I tried to convert my domains to cash parking go daddy declined them and put them in free parking. Now godaddy received a couple billion hits on there site due to traffic flow from my domain and has paid out nothing . My domains belong to me once and I have lost out on years of income due to godaddy neglect. I feel godaddy at the very least owes me for advertising on my domain lading pages.
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    Re: Named as Co-Defendant with GoDaddy in Lawsuit

    @allimeenaYou're free to point a domain wherever you choose.  There are several other ad networks out there, while each has their own set of criteria you'd need to qualify for in order to participate.

    Re: Named as Co-Defendant with GoDaddy in Lawsuit

    I have not seen or heard anything about this as a reseller. Are you currently a reseller? If so, you could try and ask other resellers if they have seen or heard anything about this or other similar cases within the reseller group (currently on Google+)

    Have you tried to look up the court filing online to try to learn more? I am not an attorney, but would hope you would be able to find all defendants involved in a case through the court paperwork you received or through looking up the case online. What you really need is a phone or in-person consultation with an attorney to figure out what is going on. If the attorney cost is an issue, look into the different prepaid legal services for businesses. They can be very handy.

    Again, I am not an attorney, just trying to help through suggesting ways to find out the answers to your questions.
    Best Regards,
    Sarah Mullin
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    Re: Named as Co-Defendant with GoDaddy in Lawsuit

    Hi Sarah,


    Yes, I've been a Reseller since the days of WildWest Domains.

    Yes, I've looked at the suit online(and the 60 page suit sent via U.S.Mail) and I am the ONLY Reseller named(Hudacko Enterprises L.L.C.) along with GoDaddy, Wild West, etc.(all GoDaddy companies)

    No, I have not reached out on Google+ as I cannot seem to Join the group.

    No, GoDaddy Legal has NOT communicated with me in anyway in spite of my calls and eMail.

    My NJ based attorney is not licensed to practice in Indiana and I have no contacts there, nor a business presence.



    Tom Hudacko