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GoDaddy Open 2020 - Event Recap

This year GoDaddy had its first ever virtual customer conference, GoDaddy Open 2020! It was an amazing experience that all GoDaddy customers who attended, seemed to really enjoy If you missed the event or if you’d just like another chance to watch the sessions, you can now watch them all in the post below or on our YouTube channel!




We kicked off the event with an inspirational video, then heard from a few keynote speakers. Here’s what you’ll see in the video below: 

  • Staying Resilient, Pursuing New Opportunities and Growing Your Business Online.Aman Bhutani - CEO, GoDaddy  
  • Staying Resilient, Pursuing New Opportunities and Growing Your Business Online.Heidi Gibson – Product Leader, GoDaddy  




During the conference, we provided two different session tracks. The first track was led by GoDaddy employees and focused on helping you to create great content, reach more customers and sell products and services online. The second track was led by GoDaddy partners and focused on pivoting your business, getting financing and great marketing tips.



Sessions – Track 1 

These sessions were led by GoDaddy employees.  


Everything you need to know to attract attention with brilliant social content and design
  • Discover sure fire strategies to create eye-catching social content that makes your brand stand out.
  • Presenter: Emma Vaughn, GoDaddy Team Member





Surprisingly simple ways to reach, engage and convert prospects to customers
  • Learn the best digital marketing methods to get folks interested in your business and turn ‘em into long-term customers.
  • Presenter: Justin Nealey, GoDaddy Team Member






Boost your ecommerce presence to sell oodles of products and services 
  • Get the lowdown on the best ways to sell products and services through an online store, marketplaces, and on social media.  
  • Presenter: Geoffrey Brown, GoDaddy Team Member 






Sessions – Track 2 

These sessions were led by a few GoDaddy partners and one GoDaddy customer.  


How to Pivot Your Product or Service in Two Weeks 
  • Want to pivot quickly? Uncover new growth opportunities that leverage the assets and expertise you already have.  
  • Presenter: Lauren McDanell, Vice President @ SEED SPOT 






Insider Tips on Getting Your Business the Money It Needs 
  • Learn ways to get cash for your business to fund and enhance your operations for business growth. 
  • Presenters: Ricardo Devallon & Marian Cicolello, Directors @ Next Street 






The Power of Tiny Marketing Actions 
  • Learn about the tiny marketing actions you can take every day for the most powerful and consistent marketing for your business.  
  • Presenter: Pamela Slim, Author and Business Coach 





We hope you enjoy these session recordings. Let us know what you learned and how you’re applying them to your business.  


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.