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Facebook Shaming

I'll have some more practical concerns soon, but right now I am just happy that we have a community here that supports people staying open. 
The people accusing me on FB that I'm risking the lives of our clients really bother me. 

I try not to let it get to me but it's hard. Especially since I do deeply care.

We provide therapeutic, medical massage and bodywork, and a lot of clients rely on us for pain relief and medical conditions like lymphedema.
Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing this on Facebook @LuMuellerKaul! Sometimes it's best to give it a break for awhile. Not worth your time stressing over. We want our GoDaddy customers to have a place where you can talk and share ideas on how to keep your business open doing these challenging times. We want everyone to steer clear of conversation around politics and medical stuff connected with the virus. There are other places to discuss those things. Take care and stay strong!!


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That sucks and I am sorry that you have to experience that while caring for the pain relief in others.  Quite honestly, I think that being a business owner with a brick and mortar is such a challenge.  Now, though, when the idea of staying open during a pandemic is considered a villainous act, even when 97% of people are surviving this, has to be hard cause you have to wrestle with the moral what-ifs: what if someone shops here that has it?  What if an elderly person catches it because I didn't close?  What if I close too soon and my employees lose money because I panicked sooner than I should?  How do I justify working to my customers, because I cannot afford to close, when the PR compassionate thing to do is to close and spend resources helping my community?


I truly feel for every small-business brick-and-morter at the moment.

Advocate VI

Ignore the haters. If you're providing pain relief, that's a critical need for many people, and as long as you're willing to be open, you're a life-saver for those folks. Just follow the recommended precautions as best you can.


I have several local clients who are in a similar situation, and while they fulfill a medical need, they are not actually hospitals or doctor's offices. For example: physical therapy, a clinic where they fit breast cancer patients with bras and prostheses, etc.


My daughter and son-in-law are both veterinarians. They are staying open because there are still pet emergencies, and pets are family members for most people. And yes, they are taking some heat over it, but it's considered essential.


Where I live, pet services are actually listed as an essential business.

Former Employee

Hey @LuMuellerKaul thank you for sharing your experiences with us on the push back that you have received for keeping your doors open to patients that rely on your therapy to help them manage their pain. I am sorry that there are haters out there trying to make you feel bad for not closing your doors during this time, but am glad that your found our Community to share your thoughts and concerns. Best regards, Brett M.

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Stay strong, follow your heart. and take the necessary precautions to protect your clients and employees. Follow forums like this one where you have STRONG business owners who are here to uplift and support one another.

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