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Quick Marketing Tip - Care to add your own?

Small business tip of the week: You may be awesome. You may be open, but if people don’t know, you won’t be for long. If you are DIY with Facebook ads in Ads Manager, try this:

Optimize your Facebook brand ads for "Reach." Right now, if you are a restaurant, it is the easiest way to to let people in your area know that you are serving them. You can reach thousands for under $100. The more specific the audience, the more cost, obviously. But, if you can stay broad in your audience locally, you'll find FB gives you great impressions for less with "Reach."

Good luck, stay healthy, and if there is anything we can do to help get your message out, feel free to contact us through our contact info in our profile.


Please add things working for you... 


@Form_Policy , welcome to the community! That is a great tip and it can really be appreciated right now with most businesses bringing in less income. Online marketing is so important right now and doing it for as little cost as possible is the goal. In normal times, I suggest to put 15-20 percent of the income you wish to receive that year into your marketing. I can understand with so much uncertainty right now that this might not be the right thing for all businesses but that's the only tip I have. Hopefully soon we will have a little more control over that income and someone can use this to help set a budget. Again, thank you so much for sharing that tip and starting a talk about the topic. I hope others see your post! 

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@Form_Policy Some questions I would ask myself when trying to create a marketing strategy are:

  • Branding: Does my brand have a consistent theme and is it implementing a style interesting to my target audience? (Colors, fonts..etc)
    Does my business also hold any ethical stance in the community?
  • Sales Funnels: Am I aware of all the possible steps that can lead prospects to my website or e-commerce platforms, and have I utilized them all? (Social media posts/ads, Google search/display ads, stories/blog redirects, micro-sites for competitions/giveaways, mass emails..etc)
  • Images/Videos: Are the graphics being put out my latest, modern enough and of highest quality?
  • A/B Testing: Am I regularly collecting metrics of campaigns and analyzing the data in order to find what methods/creatives are working best?
  • SEO: Are the keywords used in copy as relevant to my products/services as can be?
    Are my keywords embedded in all my content?
    Do all my back-links positively affect my google ranking?
  • Engagement: How can I improve direct interaction with audiences? (Polls, quizzes, discussions..etc)
  • Market Research: Am I up to date on all the changes in my industry or how my competitors are dealing with them? 
  • Loyalty Programs/Tie-ups: Lastly, it never hurts to ask for help, so maybe try expanding your reach by teaming up with bloggers, influencers or subsidiaries. If possible, setting up a loyalty program can also be beneficial, as it would encourage more purchases given that the customer's ROI is seen differently when gaining points or potential gifts.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head, hopefully they provide some form of value; best of luck to all and thanks for reading.


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