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All sites on my shared hosting account was down

Yesterday all my sites on the shared hosting account was down, 15 in all.


Called Godaddy India support and they somehow got one site (which we called for) to work. Other sites still down and they said, DNS propogation was in progress and it will take 24 hours. I assumed the DNS server crashed so I waited.


End of day, all other sites are still down. I call again. I am on the phone for 30 mins with the support person, who finally gets it  working by setting the Application Pool to dedicated on another of my sites. So 2 sites working now. Initially she repeats couple of times that maybe I have made some changes to the site which has caused this. Either they don't have access to earlier call history or they are fresh our of training and do not understand what the notes mean.


I sit down and spend 1 hour in changing the application pool to dedicated, for all other sites and they all are up one by one, except he primary hosting account.

This is still down for more than 24 hours, again on phone with support and finally resolved. But for all the support calls, I kept insisting on a RCA. So I can document it for future. I just got different explanations.

1st call support said it was DNS propagation issue
2nd call it was Application Pool issue (which was true), but why? What happened suddenly one day, the sites stopped working. What was the exact problem with the Application pool. No one knows!
3rd call just now. Support insists they also did the same thing for the primary domain, by disabling/enabling the dedicated application pool and it started working. It didn't work when I did it. So what did they do different, I don't know.

Working with Godaddy support is more work than its worth. Can we get back the support team and management we had last year. This year almost every support call here is an exhausting experience.