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[Resolved Issue] Image corruption when uploading via FTP to Windows Plesk


Today I had issues uploading images (.PNG & .JPG) via FTP to Plesk Windows Hosting. The HTML files and other files I have uploaded was fine, no issues, just the images corrupting (super glitched out) for some reason. The purpose of writing this is to hopefully help someone who has the same issue in the future, or currently have it.



I contacted godaddy support via phone and they did various tests the server was fine and the supporter was very helpful and patiently diagnosed and narrowed down the issue by process of elimination. I finally noticed the issue was on my computer itself.



OS: I recently upgraded my laptop from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro, which has caused some graphics issues on my computer.


Images: The images that I was trying to upload appears fine on my local computer (when opened in image viewing software such as Photos(native windows 10 app)). However when I upload them via FTP they became glitchy and altered.


Remedy: I used another computer to upload the images and they were fine.


Possible Causes: Graphics Driver imcompatibility with Windows 10 Pro, Uploading PNG/JPG but not using Binary transfer method in FTP softwares.

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Hi @li-devThanks for sharing your solution with us. If you could, please remove "[Resolved Issue]" from the title and add a reply indicating what the solution was. Then, you can choose that reply as the solution for the thread, which will change the subject line. That will rank the post differently so that it is easier to find it in searches. Thanks!


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