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Unable To Add MS SQL Server In Plesk - Tutorial

Coolweb writes, how do I  add new Database of my MS SQL Server into Plesk. it is allowing for MSSQL database only,  i.e. for PHP only. but I have created a website in ASP.NET


CG      writes, by chance, are your plans using the max number of available MS SQL databases? Keep in mind that the Economy and Deluxe plans only allow you to setup 1-2 MS SQL databases. If you've already setup your max allotment, the default behavior of creating a new database will be automatically assigned to MySQL.


If you're still showing available credits for MS SQL, then you'll want to reach out to our live support so our hosting team can help investigate what is causing this to occur. Beyond that, you might also consider upgrading to Ultimate which has a much higher allotment of MS SQL database accounts you can setup. 



Kid824 writes, download  SQL server management studio express 2012 and connect to the database using that. That's what I did. 


FYI when using SSMS 2012:

server type = database engine

server IP = whatever your IP is for the database

user Id= database user name

password= database password

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