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Chrome & SSL

I saw the email that GoDaddy sent out about how Chrome will mark sites without SSL as not secure.


None of my sites host forms that process sensitive information. However, they all have general contact forms. I'm concerned that just the fact that the site is marked not secure will make people not fill out any form or even question the safety of the entire site. What are other's thoughts on this?


Also, all my sites are in managed WP hosting. How hard is it to install a SSL on a managed WP site? I'm very comfortable working within WP, but my skills beyond that are somewhat limited. Anybody try this on their own, or am I going to need some help?


Thanks for your feedback!



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Re: Chrome & SSL

Hello @Mark814, the good news is that you are not being paranoid. If there is bad news it is that the messages will get worse for websites that do not have a SSL certificate and it may impact your search engine rankings? Moving forward a SSL certificate should be planned into any project you start or touch. I suspect that some visitors will be skeptical with some of the warnings that will be generated on even a informational website. It is important to note that what you see now in terms of warnings is the first level of warnings. As time goes on expect that these warnings will become much more prominent and menacing to your visitors.


More good news! There are a lot of people using Managed WordPress so there is a great community of platform specific help out there for you. With an existing WordPress website I find that updating all of the paths for contents and pictures to be one of the most difficult things. There are some WordPress plugins that make migration easier and WordPress itself has done great work in making going from http:// to https:// MUCH easier than it was in the past. Please ensure that you migrate all of your website content to https:// or you will get mixed content errors.


I feel like you can absolutely do this on your own and once you get about four or five websites in it will feel like a bit of an old hat? Depending on your need you can purchase certificates or utilize free ones if you should wish. I don't yet know of any specific step by step guides that will help your migration but I'll keep a look out and if you find a good resource please make sure to come back and share it with us! Hope that helps?

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Re: Chrome & SSL

Thanks for the reply and information. This is very helpful.

Given the number of people that rely on GoDaddy for WP hosting, I am very surprised they haven't developed a step-by-step document on how to do this. Hopefully some kind of training is in the works.

Thanks again!