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Godaddy hosted domain missing from SSL certificate setup list

I am trying to set up an SSL certificate for one of the websites on my Ultimate Windows Hosting account. However when I go to set it up the only domain visible is the primary domain for the account, which is not the website I want to add the certificate to. I want to set it up on a different website hosted on the same GoDaddy account. Is there any settings I need to change on my hosting account to do this?


Hi @ThomasRebel


Thank you for your post. If I understand correctly you want to add an SSL to the addon domains on the hosting and not the primary domain set on the hosting. IF this is the case ut will require that you have a UCC SSL instead if a Standard SSL as a Standard SSL can only be applied to teh primary domain on the hosting. 


If you already have a UCC SSL, I have included a link below of how to add the additional domains to the SSL.


What is a Multiple Domain (UCC) SSL certificate?


Adding or dropping Subject Alternative Names from UCC certificates


Hope this helps!


Hi TechFly,

I have the same problem and now I read that a Standard SSL can only be applied to the primary domain.


GoDaddy should tell this within the buying process.


Now I have paid a certificate, I cannot use.