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How to combine two CSRs for one UCC SSL certificate


     i have UCC SSL certificate for my exchange server now i want to use it for our website as well my problem is that Exchange is on separate server while Website is on separate server, so to generate CSR for certificate i will need to combine two CSRs from both servers and combine it as a single csr .

now i have no idea how to combine these two csrs godaddy also refuse to help in this problem .

any tool or idea please ?


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Hi @Zafar3,


This is as far as I will help you here:


Can't understand why support wouldn't help though? Perhaps it's because they misunderstood what you were trying to do. As you will see in the link there is NO NEED to combine two CSR's and if you really ARE trying to do just that, then I understand why they wouldn't help you..........