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SSL Cert being Auto-Renewed 90 days early.

So My SSL Cert was purchased and issued on 26th April last year but GoDaddy are auto-renewing it on the 25th February.


When I view the Cert in the management console it says it expires in 90 days.


When I view the ACTUAL Cert it expires 26th April 2017 - exactly 12 months after it was issued - which is what is should be.


None of these dates line up...


26th April to 24th Feb is only 10 months. - so I'm being billed 2 months early.

Expiring in 90 days would be approximately 13 months. - which is obviously not correct.


I was under the impression that the renewal AND the Certificate validity were both 12 Months?


Can anyone shed any light on why it's being auto-renewed now instead of April?


HI @HarlequinAU


Thank you for your post. I believe you may have had the autorenew on for the certificate. Billing for SSL's work a bit differently then other products due to the need to re-issue and install the certificate. The Primary SSL will be active for the full length of its term, at which time you will need to rekey and install the new cert at the end of its life term.


Here is more information on how SSL billing works.


Hope this helps!


Thanks mate. I understand the technical process but was just confused as to why it was being charged 2 months early. 


I had not considered the idea that it was to give you time to renew the Cert. I still think 2 months is a bit extreme for that though but at least I know why now.


We had the same problem here, godaddy auto renew the SSL 60days before the expiration. That's so annoying and my suggestion is to call you bank since its unauthorized transaction.