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SSL Certificate Installation-what's name of server for Linux plans using CPanel?

I'm trying to install a standard SSL certificate to a godaddy domain.  The activation email had me click on a download link to receive the certificate.  First question asked was what kind of server was I installing it too.  I know I'm using CPanel on a Linux plan but I can't find anything that tells what I server I should chose, i.e. Apache, Tomcat, etc.  Can anyone tell me the name of the server software Godaddy uses on its premium Linux plans?

Helper III
Helper III

Re: SSL Installation

If you're on a Linux host with cPanel, GoDaddy uses Apache as the HTTP server. 


If you're on VPS, Apache is the default.  However, if someone else configured your VPS server, they may be using something else.


If your server is hosting apps written in Java, it might be using Tomcat.


If you haven't had someone else setting up your site, it's a safe bet that it's Apache.