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SSL at SAN hosted elsewhere

Hi there!


I have a Deluxe UCC SSL Certificate ("Deluxe (OV) SAN SSL Up to 5") and the main domain, hosted at GoDaddy, is working properly.


Nevertheless, my subdomains (which I added as SANs) are not hosted at GoDaddy, rather they're elsewhere, like Amazon. GoDaddy is just redirecting them in a A HOST, such as: is at GoDaddy's is pointing to another external IP (A HOST) hosted at Amazon's


For some reason, maybe because it's a subdomain of a hosted domain, I can't download - and install - my certificate.


Any thoughts, please? Thanks!


Hi @Lysandro, thanks for posting.

If the SSL was auto-installed on a shared/web hosting plan, you would not be able to download the certificate or export it to install it on other servers.


Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Hi @GaryA,


Thank you so much for your answer.


It is exactly my case: SSL auto-installed on a shared hosting plan. Is there any technical reason for this?