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SSL certificate not needed now

I have a SSL on my godaddy site but now I don't need it anymore as I don't sell on it anymore and don't collect personal info through the site. I want the site to remain up for others to view the content. My SSL is expiring in a few months. I'm assuming I just allow the SSL to expire but read other user cases where it causes visitors to the site to get a warning message about the certificate not up-to-date. Is there a way to avoid having my visitors not get that message when coming to my site? Thanks! 


Re: SSL certificate not needed now

Hi @mrbillscomix


Thank you for your post.


There are 2 things I would like to address about your concern. Firstly, the warning itself after removal of an SSL is caused by browser history cache, search engine history cache and site redirections. If a returning customer comes to your website, their browser will automatically want to direct itself to the which would be a secure URL and would cause an error when reaching the site due to the lack of the certificate. This will also occur if someone finds you link on a search engine that has already cached the https:// URL.


Secondly, depending on how your site was built, the scripts of your website may automatically redirect customers to https:// even after the removal of the SSL and may need to manually updated to remove the redirection rule. 


Some suggestions:

After removing the SSL and recoding the site if necessary, be sure to investigate how to to request your site to be rescanned by the search engines so that they will auto-update the search links that resolve so links direct to http:// instead of https://.


To help get you started, you may be able to accomplish his with Google by doing the followig:

1. Login to your Gmail email address

2. After sign in, go to

3. Submit the domain to be rescanned


Another suggestion that may help with your existing customers is to send them an email describing the changes to the site and providing the appropriate steps they may need to take to ensure that this warning doesn't occur, like clearing the site history and cache from their browser.


With all that said, keep in mind that removing and SSL from the site will also have a drastic affect on the search engines results for your website. Google will rank sites higher with SSL's then other similar sites that do not have SSL's  This was in effort to help better secure the internet which if I remember started at the beginning of 2016


All in all, removing the SSL, recoding the site, investing the time to notify existing customers and search engines as well as risking a lower ranking may not be worth all the hassle and would definitely not outweigh the value of keeping the SSL on the site in my opinion. 


Hope this information is helpful.


Best wishes!



Re: SSL certificate not needed now

Thank you, TechFly! I really appreciate your detailed response, and it answered all my questions concerning SSL.


Re: SSL certificate not needed now

Hi @mrbillscomix


Happy to help Smiley Very Happy


Best Wishes!