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Script not using https

Ron helped me change over from http to https using really simple ssl; however, my calendar will no longer load.  My website is:


The developer of my site (Villa Marketers) sent me the following solution:  "When you changed to https, you changed the entire link structure of the site.  This can cause several maintenance and update issues.  Your developer will need to go into the server and change the link structure on where the software is located and change the file link to https so it can be pulled."  


When I contacted Really Simple SSL, this was their response:

"The calendar plugin is loading a http URL. If you look in the generated javascript:


You will see a http URL:


This should be https. Because it is in a separate file, the plugin can’t fix it.


Looking at the URL, it looks like the booking plugin is dynamically generating the script. Possibly there is a setting in the booking plugin where you can change the http to https, or you can clear it’s cache, or regenerate it by saving the settings.


If that doesn’t help, I would contact the plugin author to check why this script is still using the http URL."


Can you help?  I have no idea whether the fix has to be done to the vmbooking site or on my site.


Thanks for the help.

Joyce Jay


 UPDATE:  I finally got Villa Marketers (website developer) to fix the problem for me.  My advice:  be careful who you pick for your web developer; if you don't host with them, they will charge you for any issues that develop with your site.  Most of us are novices and have no idea how to change script, etc. when there are issues and cost to get it fixed can be expected if you don't host with them.