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Standard SSL setup

Hi everybody, I've just signed up for this forum.  

I'm having a small problem with the Standard SSL Certificate setup for my website.

1. Bought the certificate through Godaddy

2. Generate a '' Certificate Signing Request (CSR)''. Where do I generate it?  I'm completely new to this.  

My website is going / forwarded through Cloudflare and I've my domain at GoDaddy but not web hotel. I've used couple of hrs searching for a solution, so if you could just send in me in any direction I'll appreciate it. Man LOL

Former Employee

Greetings @Nell10,


Thanks for asking. we don't have your hosting details, but this should help:


Best regards,


Thomas D.

Moderator - Domains

Hi T-3D, thanks for the quick response! 

I'v seen that page, but don't know where to generate the CSR.  How do I know which kind of hosting server my site is on?