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Who requested an anonymous SSL certificate?

I just got an email with an SSL request in my mail.


I'm used to seeing the request before approval but it auto approved by clicking the link.


Any way to see what certificate it is for, who requested it etc.


All i have is a verification key





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Check with whoever is incharge of your web development to verify this is not some sort of phishing scam.



The link in the email was in the form of****************************************&l... (where i replaced the key with ******)


GoDaddy did not give an error so it was a working request but i did not request it and as far as i can tell nobody at our company. So is there a way to find our with the "Verification Key" to find out what certificate was requested because it looks like an outside requested a certificate in our name.


And all i have is the "Verification Key" no other clue was provide in the email and all the GoDayy lik does is say request approved...



I've been receiving a similar request almost daily. No one seems to know anything about it. I'm starting to believe it's a phish