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ssl certificate issue

I've purchased a standard ssl certificate on 19/1/2017, the status on my account says: 'Certificate issued'. but I'm also seeing some kind of an error message stating:
"The following services are temporarily unavailable:
Prior validation of domains. You will need to complete validation for all domains that were previously validated using HTML, when rekeying/managing a certificate.
Our apologies for the inconvenience."
what does this message means ?
also, my Certificate applied to the domain: '', now when I surf to I'm seeing my site on a secure protocol, but when I surf to I'm seeing my site in an unsecure protocol (http), isn't all entries to the following domain should automatically be redirected to a secure protocol (https) ?
appreciate any help
thanks, sagi

Facing same issue. I have purchased wildcard SSL certificate and did submit CSR request. As soon as I did it i see this message and have no idea what it means.


sorry to hear that, I don't think I was aked to submit CSR request,

1. is your site hosted on godaddy server or you got your on server ?

2. does submitting csr request is needed in all cases ?

3. what it says on your Ssl Certificate account status ?

I'm searching for a solution, please keep me informed if you find one and I'll do the same

many thanks, sagi


I previously used shopify for a site build and switched to a custom site I built in Adobe Muse. I purchase hosting and SSL certificate through godaddy and linked to my domain.


When typing in basic domain the site loads up fine, without https://. But when using a search engine it brings up that the site is not secure and the site will not load.


Not sure what or how to go about troubleshooting this.


Any ideas?