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Is it possible to read and send SmartLine texts from a computer?

Is it possible to read and send SmartLine texts from a computer, like you can with iMessage?  If so, is there a certain app I have to install / download?  I hate sending long text messages from my phone; it's so much easier to type on a keyboard!

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Hey @hnholmes 


Unfortunately, no. At this point that's not a feature that's been added to Smartline.

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That’s too bad. Thanks for letting me know.

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I also wish this was available.  In addition to Smartline, I also use Sideline for some of my business calls, and they have an online web interface that you can use through a computer browser to send and receive text messages.  Given GoDaddy's web/Internet presence, I can't for the life of my figure out why they didn't include this as a feature.

I would also like to see this feature added.  I am an attorney and have to use text messaging to reach my clients more and more often.  I am required to keep copies of communications with clients and about their cases.  It is very cumbersome to have to screenshot all of those messages before closing a case file.  If this is not changed, I may have to rethink using GoDaddy and use another option entirely.

I need this too.   Sometimes I am not able to use my phone (international travel, battery issues etc.) and badly need a backup.

ESPECIALLY because that text number as secondary authentication.

awesome little app that installs droid apps on PCs.. or Mac.. 😛


This didn't work for me, but it did install several programs that I had to

Yes, this would be a helpful addition for us as well. 


We all spend a great deal of our time sitting at computers. I frequently find myself wanting to copy some text from an email or other document, and paste that into a text message. Fortunately, that feature is built into my MacBook and iPhone - I can copy on the Mac and then paste on the iPhone - but it still means I have to leave the keyboard and pick up the phone to send the text.

I would like to see this feature as well. As a Real Estate agent, I do a great deal of texting and it's much easier on my laptop or pc vs. my phone or even my iPad. Also makes multi-tasking easier!