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Product enhancement suggestion for GD Smartline.

GoDaddy should add a second greeting message option for off or closed hours.  At the moment callers going to VM get the same message to please leave a message as we are busy and will call you back asap.  I realize I can customize this message but an after hours greeting is the norm for auto-attendant features such as this product.  GD please review this request as it would enhance this new product - Smartline.  Additionally subscribers should have a greater option of searching for available phone numbers than just the 50 options provided.  I am trying out this product in the hopes of closing my 800 service as it has become antiquated and expensive.  The option of being able to pick a user friendly or easy-to-remember business phone number would be nice.


Hey @oldwestgold,


I think it's a great suggestion. I'll pass this along to our developers to take into consideration with their future planned updates. Thank you for taking the time to share it.


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I totally agree with Oldwestgold in this suggestion.
GoDaddy needs to put an auto attendant system in place and hopefully quickly. Because that’s a need for my business and if GD doesn’t come up with this system soon, we’ll have to go somewhere else that provide that type of feature. But it will be such a hassle as we want to keep our GD phone number which has been used on business cards and ads.
Go Daddy, please add this feature quickly! Thanks