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When i decline the call

When I declined a call it goes to my cell phone voice mail and they can hear my cell phone number. Not my business voice mail and number. Anyway to fix that?

Re: When i decline the call

It is doing the same thing to me now. Very frustrating. I'll be following this thread as I'm interested in the response you get. Sorry I am not any help myself.

Re: When i decline the call

Hey @Drdanny410@GetBlasted


Technically this is functioning by design. When you decline a call it's going to go to your personal voicemail instead of the Smartline voicemail. Most similar services like Smartline that use call forwarding can only have the Voicemail accessed if you don't decline the call. 


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Re: When i decline the call

@Drdanny410 @GetBlasted


To avoid the call going to personal voicemail, either let the call ring through all the way or press the ignore button on the phone which will silence the ring but not decline the call.  Both options will send the call to SmartLine voicemail.


Let us know if you have any additional questions.