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Bridge Gallery won't open in Dreamweaver CS4 or CC


Does anyone have ideas on why my Adobe Gallery won't open in browsers from Dreamweaver? I have searched YouTube, Google, and Adobe help but none of the tutorials have solved my problem. I already made my gallery and its resources. I connected my link to the index gallery page (as before) and as the Adobe tutorial explains. It worked before and since I redesigned my website it's not working. The odd thing is that I followed the same steps. Any help would be great because I'm over going in circles. I am trying out the latest Adobe CC suite as a trial so I opened my new design in DW CC, yet the gallery still won't open. Plus there is not "output" in the new Bridge as there was with CS4 so I cannot even adjust the slideshow or make a new one; although the folders should be fine from before as I left them as is.  I updated my Flash player so I do not understand what the issue is. I really need to get beyond this so thank you in advance. I do not know what else to do.


BTW: When I attempt to preview my gallery the thinking circle perpetually moves but nothing happens. My browsers are all updated as well. 😞


Thanks again!


Shalom and Happy New Year!

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It's a long while since I used Dreamweaver but it sounds like a similar problem I once had with resource files. The thing is, if you accidentally move the files to a different place (directory) or rename them, then Dreamweaver won't find them, and the little 'thinking circle' moving forever.......? That's points to Dreamweaver 'looking' hard for the files...... where are they? The other clue is that you have just redesigned your site.

I'm afraid you are going to have to retrace your steps, and search hard for any changes.

You also updated your flash player you said. Run an antivirus just in case as if you updated your flash just after visiting a website! Not wanting to scare but several viruses going around posing as flash updates. Better to set flash to install updates automatically from within the app so never dependant on visiting a site. Then if update flashes up......... you know it's fake!