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Enable custom PHP modules



I have WordPress hosting (the Ultimate program).


I need to Enable custom PHP modules exactly like this page:


unfortunately the option of the native (5.4) to 5.4 is missing at the Cpanel.

my Cpanel very poor and have only simple options.


How can I Enable custom PHP modules? 

in some way can I enable advanced Cpanel options?

Do I miss something?


Best Regards,



Helper III

hello Hayim,


I apologize for the inconveniences you are facing; however, unless you have a VPN with shell access you will not be able to modify the servers configuration without system administrator approval. You will need to contact your system administrator ( in your case GoDaddy ) to add another PHP configuration and enable your specified modules.


PHP7+ has come a long way since it's predecessors. PHP7 offers faster performance and better security when compared to other server based languages. For this reason i strongly suggest you submit a ticket to have your server updated to the latest PHP7+ production release.

Being that migrating to the latest PHP7+ version is an extremely elementary task, there is no reason you should be running the predecessor versions.


Out of curiosity, what modules are you trying to install?

check out for a list of required WordPress PHP extensions

check out for a list of required Apache modules.

please note that, i offer direct support that is in no way associated with GoDaddy's regular support channels; but, for immediate technical support you can contact me at:

I am trying to install the  ssh2 PHP extension to give WordPress the ability to update plugins

Helper V

Since it's a shared hosting there will be some limitations. However you'll need to contact Godaddy for this or you can try adding some code to .htaccess fil

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