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GoDaddy WordPress managed hosting - no Contact Forms will submit! Help!

PROBLEM:  Managed WordPress site on GoDaddy will not submit any visitor contact forms to our in domain email


am working on a Managed WordPress site that was set up in GoDaddy.  For some reason the Contact Form - and that is for ANY contact form - will not submit messages to our website email that matches the domain name (and is through GoDaddy with Microsoft 365).  I have called tech support and hosting support 1000x and no one really can explain why.  I have deleted the contact forms and reinstalled, I have tried every contact form available - NONE submit.  


The email account itself works - I can send an email to myself, but NOT if I use the website's contact form messaging.  It will say it submitted, but it won't submit anything.  I need to get a form working ASAP!!!


 I have tried various backend things  but still nothing comes through.  I would like to troubleshoot this.  I have installed and deleted multiple contact form plugins and have tested simple non customized forms just to get something/anything to send SOMETHING.  None work, so it clearly is NOT because of the plugin - it is something in the WordPress configuration and or GoDaddy.  Because this does not have cpanel, I can't tick off the local email provider box as there is not one.  HELP~!

Helper IV


Try using an SMTP plugin like Easy WP SMTP or one of the other free ones available from That should solve your problem.






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