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Hello! Need some help with header.php file



I know almost nothing about HTML and it seems like the original web master who created my custom theme on wordpress hard coded a phone number that I no longer have. Tried to go into by going to Appearance --> Themes --> editor and then the header.php file and just changing the actual digits of the phone number, but I get this message:


Fatal error: Call to undefined method WPaaS\Cache::flush() in /home/content/a2pnexwpnas02_data03/72/3474672/html/wp-content/mu-plugins/gd-system-plugin/includes/admin/class-file-editor.php on line 124


Does anyone know what this means? Or am I just S.O.L?





Hi @BTran,

Try this out and see if that resolves your problem:

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Thank you so much for your response! Still no luck, though. 😕

Helper V



Thought here,

Open that file up , go back rename the original file, then save the edited file in the original name...... you still have a copy just in case ..... ?

What I like about php is you got all the different files working together as one large site.

Is there another file with this information you are trying to change somewhere?

Wish you well and let us know what you did to correct this, I am now curious haha 😉

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