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How to upload a premade wordpress site?

Ok so I've I am working on a website for my father and hes got a premade website that he had professionally made I believe but then it corrupted so long story short the website was taken down. The website was reuploaded but it was just screenshots and not setup as it should be. He has sent me a copy of the file of the original website he wants uploaded, and hes having me do it for him. I've already got a copy of the website uploaded to the file manager of the website I want to post it on but I am not really sure on how to pursue uploading it and applying it to the website. Any help is appreciated


Re: How to upload a premade wordpress site?

Hi Ethan!


If you are trying to upload/migrate an old website to a new hosting account, I would recommend checking out WordPress's support guide, The Codex. It has a comprehensive collection of instructions and walk throughs that you can use to make sure everything gets connected correctly. Basically, you want to make sure the files are there, the database has been uploaded, and all of the permalinks are updated.


You can see all of their support information (including nearly everything that can be done in Wordpress) at:


I hope that helps!