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Images don't load on web

Hello, I am fairly new to working with Wordpress and any advice is appreciated. 

My website images look great when I am logged into Wordpress and while editing using customizer & Beaver Builder, but when viewed online after logging out...the images do not load. All I see is the image label and a small image icon. Any idea what the trouble might be. I loaded full sized images from Shutterstock and then selected large photo size when adding blocks/modules in Beaver Builder.


Thank you!

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Super User II

Re: Images don't load on web



There are a few reasons why your images in WordPress might not be showing, and they are often surprising reasons that take a little while to fix.

  1. The problem why images are not showing on your website might also lie in the fact that your functions.php file is saved in the wrong format. It always has to be utf-8. You can check the format of this file in a few ways – issue a Linux command ‘$ file /etc/passwd’, insert a mb_detect_encoding function, or check the file encoding in your cpanel.
  2. Another rather trivial reason is, that you simply deleted some images from the WordPress media library. In this case, they are not stored on the server and therefore can’t be displayed. Just upload them again.
  3. It often happens, that media library elements are lost while migrating from one WP theme to a new one. This issue is caused by peculiarities of certain themes and doesn’t always occur. The only reason is to upload the needed files again and insert them anew.
  4. Finally, another reason why your images are not displaying could be because your images were uploaded incorrectly. To resolve, you need to link them correctly in the HTML. Where your images are on the server is essential, and you need to know exactly where you have put them. Learn how to secure WordPress website to be 100% sure about its safety.


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Re: Images don't load on web

Thank you  - I think my problem is a number of things. I did delete and reload images and I did not optimize any images. Working on that now. Thank you for your help!