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Jumbled WordPress editor

When entering WP-Admin, the previous layout of the editor is gone. All the fields/choices are aligned on the left hand of the screen. Once I scroll part way down, the fields start to overlay themselves. When a field/choice is selected it opens in scrambled mode. Cannot be used at all.


Have tried to both update and revert my versions and add-ons to no avail.


Figure there is some 'switch' or 'change' that occurred since last edits in April/May. But change was from inside the system, not from my editing.


Please help if you can.


Pastor Jim

Super User I


I just checked and I can see your site, so at least it is up and running. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing in the Admin section? That might give us a clue.


Hi @PastorJim,


I've seen this error in layout in a couple of situations.  One, if the .css file gets corrupted or does not fully load for some reason, you'll see the unformatted content.  The other situation is if there is something that is preventing the load of the page so the css never completely loads.  Example, corrupted script in top of page that never completes, slow server response time, improper theme/plugin update.


So, I've corrected the error by uploading the theme's original .css file.  In some instances, I've had to reinstall the theme, but not often.  If restoring the .css doesn't work, we can get more hardcore diagnostics.  If you happen to run into trouble with ftp let us know!


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

This may be the trouble. Certainly something to do with how the WP-Admin pages are loaded. Good that the viewer page display is not scrambled. But we need to update! Time is tight today, will seek to peek behind the door some more soon.

Thanks - will try to grab a screen-shot - time short to reply more fully.