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MYSQL error can't connect to an unknown database


My wordpress site suddenly display an error "Failed to connect with MySQL: Access denied for user 'SB_a74FxwyQLYNs4'@'localhost' (using password: YES)". It was ok, and the next morning, this happen. 


The weird part is I have never created that database username. It display on the top of front end and as well on admin dashboard. Even weirder is that I can edit the wordpress as normal, creating pages, post. The only problem is I can't activate certain plugin and can't create backup.


I suspected that Godaddy performed a maintenance and restarted the MYSQL server, and triggered something in wordpress. 


Has anyone encountered this? How do I fix this?

Helper VI

Hi @user2001, welcome to the community! 🙂


That looks weird.

So let's make a few things clear. That user that you see, is the mysql user that connects to the database (ie. wordpress), probably that's the same as your sftp user.


Can you login to phpMyAdmin?

If so, can you see what it says at the top? Or better yet, can you post a screenshot of the top of your phpmyadmin?

If you want, for security reasons, you can send me the screenshot to me via private message.



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Thank you. I have sent you a PM. Please have a look. Thanks