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Manage Wordpress Hosting -- No option to drop, create and import MySQL databases?



I need to replace the MySQL database of my Managed Wordpress site with a new MySQL database. Preferably, I would like to drop the current database, create a fresh database, and import some new data into it. I usually do this via SSH, which I do not have on this plan. What's the best way for me to do this?



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Helper VI

Hello @b_l and welcome 🙂


If you have chose a "Managed WordPress" hosting plan, please allow me to believe that you've done that in order to benefit from GoDaddy's experience in optimizing and securing WordPress sites. In that case your access will be limited in some parts of the website. If you want more access and more control of your website I recommend that you use one of this hosting plans:


You say that you do not have SSH access, and that for me it means that you have the "Basic" hosting plan. On all the other WordPress Hosting plans you do get SSH access as you can see here:


If you upgrade your plan you will get SSH and you will be able to do it like you are use to do it 🙂


Another option would be to use this plugin to "export" your database from the other WordPress, and import it in to the one hosted on your account.


Good luck.


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