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Problem installing Wordpress


I just installed wordpress on '' using godaddy cpanel's installation.

after that when i visited my website, there was nothing! Till now, It is nothing but a blank page.

I am using delux web hosting.

There is an another website ( i am using in this hosting.

There is a folder inside my public-html on's name.


What should i do now? What is the problem?


** is working fine.

** Live chat is not available.

** They are not picking my phone call!

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Re: Problem installing Wordpress



Sounds like you just put another install within the's directory and that won't work.


You'll need to setup as an add-on domain first.  Then, install WordPress in that new directory for that domain.


Also be sure that the new domain's DNS is pointing at the correct nameservers for your cPanel. Smiley Wink



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Re: Problem installing Wordpress

Did you correctly WordPress install? Could you fill in the wrong url?