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Redirect to spam on my web site

I have a site which normally should link to the site with no issue, currently it is linking to a captcha requiring visitors to click “allow” in order to enter the site. I don’t know how to get rid of it and I’m looking for solutions. You can see the site at the link, but also can see it by googling “Dollar Sign University” and clicking on a result. Anyone know what’s going on here?
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Re: Redirect to spam on my web site



It appears you've been hacked:  Malware Detected


When I view the source, it notes another URL -- not yours -- that requires 18 or older access.  Didn't click further.


So you're going to want to get on the horn with GoDaddy or Sucuri to clean the site for you.


Sorry to be the bearer of not so good news... 😞


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Re: Redirect to spam on my web site

@Muse Called GoDaddy and they gave me the steps to get it removed. Had website security as a plan option and looks like through Sucuri it should be removed in the next few hours. Appreciate the help and the advice to reach out to them!